Robert E. Macklin's release, Jesus: The Final Journey


A unique, up-close and personal look at Jesus during His last year on earth by an actor who has portrayed Him over 300 times in his play.  This momentous  year  begins with the feeding of the "5000" and concludes with His Resurrection.

Gain insight into His mind-set and discover, for the first time, the reasons for Jesus' actions during those turbulent years... a "whydunit". Involve yourself dramatically in this historical journey. Enjoy the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer.

Here's what some readers had to say in their five star Amazon rating:

  • "At times I felt I was walking alongside him"  Martin Roth
  • "Without hesitation, I can say I got more out of this book (on Christianity) than any others"  Joe Sites
  • "..has made His story more vivid to me"  Patrick M. Brian
  • "..a book to keep on one's bedside to read and reread.." Marie Foss "avid book reader"
  • "This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the foundations of Christianity" Frank E. Sissons   
You may get your copy of Jesus: The Final Journey at Amazon, in Kindle Edition,Barnes and Noble and in Nook Book. You may find out more information about the author and his book at Jesus: The Final Journey. Robert's book is also available at Smashwords.