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Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo tells the life-changing journey of a college philosophy professor and his conversion from an atheist to a believer in Jesus Christ.  At first he sought to prove the Bible wrong.  But in fact, he was unable to do so and found out that the Bible has more fulfilled prophecy that is accurate 100% of the time.   This finding led him to begin to seek truth. 

Unveiling a series of dreams the “Thinker” receives, the status of mankind is revealed through Genesis to Revelation.  Readers will learn about creation, corruption of mankind, the world flood, confusion at the Tower of Babel, the birth of Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, as well as the prophetic End Times tribulation judgments and the consummation of mankind to his Creator as revealed by the Apostle John. 

What he discovered changed his mind forever; he just could not disprove the Bible, nor ignore its truth, but chose to live knowing that man was appointed to die only once…after that there is Eternity and a choice…He tells his story, presents his unbelief, and describes how a hard-core thinker and unbeliever came to understanding the Bible and salvation. 

An unbelievable journey to faith told by the fiercest of skeptics, the book asks this poignant question: When Jesus returns to Earth will you be left behind to endure the trials of the Tribulation or will you be among His Church who is saved from such wrath?  

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