CBM Book Review - Revival Hallelujah! by Paul Juby

Title: Revival Hallelujah! (From the Shoulder)
By: Paul Juby
Review Date: December 3, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.8 out 10.0 stars

Revival Hallelujah! (From the Shoulder) by Paul Juby presents a powerful collection of short poems designed to awaken churches, pastors, unbelievers, doubting Thomas' and the like through the revival power of the Holy Spirit.  Derived from many years of studying the Bible, the author has put together a lifetime of poems and dialogue that intertwine biblical principles with vast life experiences, presenting encouragement and fuel for revival.  As the author exclaims, "Hallelujah!  The Lamb has overcome!"  

Captivating, these short poems utilize the power of dualism (comparing one object to another) that encompass the many facets of the Christian walk offering a biblical perspective, but most importantly highlighting the importance of the Word, worship and salvation.  Poignantly posing the million-dollar question, "Where will you spend your Eternity?" and "Do you know Jesus Christ?" this read comes highly recommended for those caught on the fence, entrenched in daily life and those who don't believe at all. 

Paul Juby invites all to consider an introspective view of their own lives, as well as considering their God-given purpose, identity and destiny while on Earth and beyond the grave.  Formatted as a daily devotional, this book is designed for quick access and easy reading wherever you are. Revival Hallelujah is one of those books to keep several copies of handy in the car to hand out as a blessing to others!  A highly recommended daily devotional.

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