Danson E. Ubebe's Return To God

Title: Return To God
By: Danson E. Ubebe
ISBN# 978-1780884820
Review Date: March 20, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0

This book is written to those who would "believe" – CBM Christian Book Marketing

Return to God by Danson E. Ubebe takes the reader on a journey through the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation offering a biblical study of the Word of God revealing the truth of the Gospel of grace.  He speaks of the Mosaic covenant versus the Gospel of grace wherein man is saved only through faith in Jesus Christ.  Man cannot earn his salvation; we are all saved by grace.  Comprehensive in nature, this book presents to readers a concise teaching through scriptural references throughout the book that make for an interesting, yet biblical perspective on the state of mankind without the absolute assurance of eternal life through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Danson Ubebe offers the only answer to the human race – Return to God and obedience to His Word.  Insightful and inspiring!

By displaying man's state without the saving knowledge of Christ, Ubebe powerfully explains through much scriptural application and interpretation what Christ meant when He said, "believe" explaining concisely who is born again.  The author also sheds light on widely accepted teaching theories on tithing, fasting, seed sowing, who of the spirit, soul and body as the real man, all revealing biblical truth that differs from the commonly misinterpreted teachings.  Offering a fascinating study on the plight of man without the grace of God, Ubebe speaks on grace, eternity and salvation. 

Highly recommended for the new believer, this book gives a firm foundation from Scripture on the Gospel of grace.  Written to give glory to God, not to man, one will better understand their position and identity on Earth and beyond by shedding light on eternity for all souls.  Inspiring and encouraging, this book ignites passion for Christ and offers a true biblical understanding of why Jesus Christ died on a Cross for all of mankind.  Reading this book will inspire a revolutionary perspective, offering faith and hope to all.    

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