Christian Book News - Coached by God - The Power of Wisdom by Denise Milianta

COMING SOON - Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom by Denise Milianta offering the power of God’s wisdom for all of life’s circumstances…transforming and renewing lives.
Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom by Denise Milianta offers life and the power of God’s wisdom to those that are broken, in despair and lost by encouraging and challenging all to apply the power of godly wisdom to their lives.  Powerful and insightful, this re-released book presents practical biblical insight to the principles that govern life here on Earth.  Offering truth and understanding of the power of God’s wisdom, Denise Milianta, as a Christ-centered life coach, author and speaker has made it easy to apply scriptural wisdom to your life.  Recommended for use as a spiritual handbook, this book covers all of life’s tough questions relating to decisions, finances, marriage, relationships and beyond.     
Intertwining her own walk with God Denise Milianta reveals a touching and stirring personal testimony of how her life was changed forever in a painful “war of the roses” divorce that cost her everything.  Broken, confused and desperate for answers, Denise found herself being coached by God and shares the vast biblical knowledge that she has learned from many years of being taught and led by the Holy Spirit, revealing to others that truly there is a better path – that path is the path of life with Jesus Christ.  Come and discover truth and the power of God’s wisdom to renew, transform and lead you and your family to a truly blessed life. 
This soon available book release will be available at Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit the author’s website at Denise Milianta and at Author Denise Milianta Blog. Sign up for updates and newsletters at Denise's sites. 

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