James W. Goll releases Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles

Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles by internationally recognized prophet, author and speaker, James W. Goll, speaks of miraculous signs and wonders as the “norm” for Kingdom believers and followers.  In this new book, Goll unveils that living a life in character and proclamation under the authority and power of the Holy Spirit is the inheritance of all believers in Jesus Christ.  Many wonder why they don’t see the miraculous manifest more prominently among their congregations, family, friends and within the people they pray for.  James Goll offers biblical guidance in how to approach signs and wonders, revealing that expecting and experiencing signs and wonders can be a reality through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

James W. Goll has been a forerunner for God and the prophetic for over forty years.  As a prophet, his ministries span the globe as he teaches, imparts and encourages unity in the Body of Christ through life in the Spirit.  Addressing this “modern age of doubt”, this book is highly recommended for new and mature believers who want to see the miraculous in their lives and the lives of others around them.  As a multi-published author, James Goll has over 20 books in print; one will benefit from Goll’s expertise in the arena of the intercession, prayer and the prophetic.   

Randy Clark, Founder and President, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGW) - I have known James Goll for about a quarter of a century, having had him speak at many prophetic conferences for me over the years. He is a great communicator and his books have always been well written and well researched. His writing on the supernatural is both informative and inspirational. His new book, Living a Supernatural Life, is a great book—one that should be added to the library of those interested in progressing in the life of a Christian who pursues the presence of God.

For more information about the author, his books and some life changing ministry please visit Encounters Network. You may also get your copy of Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.

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