Born to Prophesy: God's Voice Speaking Through You by Hakeem Collins

Title: Born to Prophesy: God’s Voice Speaking Through You
By: Hakeem Collins
ISBN# 978-1621364047
Review Date: February 3, 2014
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Born to Prophesy: God’s Voice Speaking Through You by Hakeem Collins clears the confusion on hearing the voice of God, the prophetic ministry and the office of the prophet – making reference to the modern-day prophet.  Offering a simple instructional guide, supported by biblical and scriptural application, this book teaches and exhorts Christians to understand the purpose of the prophetic ministry within the church as well as outside the church.  By giving a comprehensive overview of the role of the modern day prophet, a review of Old Testament prophets and prophecy, the author reveals the true meaning and purpose of prophecy, warning of false prophets and prophecy, giving light and direction to God’s purposes on Earth.  Without this function, the Church is blind, seeking but not finding, searching but left without definitive answers.  In this book the author encourages all to understand that all can prophesy and access the prophetic gift residing within each individual through the power of the Holy Spirit.   

This is a highly recommended book for those that want to hear the voice of God clearly and desire to be used of God as His Ambassador on Earth.  The author reveals that God has spoken in the past and is still speaking today, emphasizing that God wants to co-labor with those chosen to comfort, edify, exhort and encourage those around you and within the world. 

Further setting the record straight so to speak, the author has written this book to clear the confusion in regards to sensationalist Pentecostal ministers who have a misunderstanding of the function of the prophet and prophecy within the church.  Inspiring and insightful, one will learn the function and purpose of the office of a prophet and how the prophetic and prophetic ministry function within the church and in the world.  Seekers are also encouraged to explore their specific spiritual gifts and discover their purpose in God.  Those interested in the prophetic ministry or are in need of understanding of the office of a prophet will greatly appreciate this book.

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