Author Peter Hutchinson releases Revealed at Last

"A little book with a powerful life changing impact"

Peter Hutchinson began writing pamphlets in the 1990's. Revealed at Last is an inspiring and encouraging glimpse of the spiritual journey the author found himself on as he sought out different religions and found himself considering the words of the Bible.  In his search to prove that God did not exist, God surprised him.  The Lord God Almighty not only revealed to the author that in fact He does exist, but also revealed the supernatural to the author in that God has angels on Earth sent to help others. 

Fascinating and uplifting, this amazing read at only sixty short pages will open readers' eyes to the supernatural, God and His goodness.  As the author found himself on a path pursuing God more than ever before, faith was found.  This book was written as a testimony to God and to give others the foundation of Scripture, so that others might also find their faith in God as well.  If you have been confused about Christianity, and perhaps have left church discouraged, look no further than this book - to lead you back to the path of believing who God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. 

You may get your copy of Revealed at Last at Amazon. Be sure to visit the author's website at Peter Hutchinson.

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