New Book Releases - Hear Their Tiny Cries by Dr. David Keyser

Hear Their Tiny Cries by Dr. David Keyser multi-published author is a heroic, yet challenging read on the issue of abortion. 
Hear Their Tiny Cries relates the tragic story of a man who loses his beloved wife on the abortion table and finds a cause -  the prolife cause. 
This cause soon takes over his life and involves many other people.  When he begins he is not a man of faith and does not claim to be.  Yet, what happens next changes the course of his life for the good.  During one of his frequent drunken binges he hears a faint cry coming from a nearby alley.  Finding his way toward the sound of the cry, he finds a tiny naked baby dying in a garbage can near an abortion clinic. At this point, he makes a decision.  This decision will change his life and the lives of many children to come.  

Joined by his second wife and with the help of a Priest, they develop a program that finds homes for the unwanted babies.  He follows the lives of the children, some of whom are deformed for life, only to find out what terrific human beings they are as each of them develop in life with their own unique abilities.  Ironically the ones who are the most injured, are often the most inspiring.  They were not supposed to live, yet they did live and grow into fascinating human beings.  Hear Their Tiny Cries will inspire each individual heart to understand that life and children are gifts from God.  Graphic and to the point, this novel is set in Europe.  The characters are well developed and the story takes you along.  Parents of pre-teens are advised.  It also touches on methods of abortion, physical side effects of abortion, post abortion complications, partial birth abortion procedure, and post abortion symptoms. It is time to understand the process of abortion, to stop abortion and to ban abortion.

Just a few additional books are:

~ Elika Of Harod is a novel based on the life and family of King David or Israel. It is written as the  diary of one of David's Mighty Men and it is difficult to stop reading. Among other things it illustrates the grace of Jehovah God in choosing both Solomon and Jesus' ancestor through Mary, Nathan, to be the sons of David and Bathsheba.

~ The Greater Part Of Love is the first novel in the Jane Anne Cutter Romantic Intrigue series. It has everything, romance, adventure, intrigue, spies and counter spies and still has room to reflect faith in Jesus Christ.

~ Ultimate Freedom is a commentary on Paul's unparalleled letter to the Galatians. Many have said that they understand the magnificent Grace of God as they never had before after studying Ultimate Freedom.
And much more.