Robert Osenenko's Family, Faith, Land and Mysticism

Family, Faith, Land and Mysticism: The Spiritual Traveler Myth by Robert Osenenko offers a glimpse into the "inherent and sustaining personal power found in American culture."  World War II survivors were called to navigate such political and spiritual circumstances that changed their world.  As an expert in social psychology and a diplomate in Clinical Social Work, Robert Osenenko presents a fascinating and historical look at the story of one family, in particular a young man in that family, brought up in the small town of Toms River, New Jersey.  The narrative takes the reader on the spiritual journey and culture of the time that encompasses his life and the life of his past generations.  By giving the readers a prolific look at the era and history of the rural community of Toms River and the inhabitants, understanding of the political and spiritual events are brought to the forefront with an underlying theme of the different social classes that include the wealthy aristocrat that inevitably intertwine into society as greed and wealth often overcome those of less fortunate background.  Finding himself in a war within himself and amongst brethren, the young lad comes to a realization that perhaps what his fathers believed is true.  "Set in a true story about real events Robert Osenenko writes using archetypes and characters familiar to us."  For those that love true stories set in history's past that educate, elevate, inspire and encourage, this book is a must-read. 

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