Christian Author Janice Porter Lynch, When God is Faithful, and Your Husband Isn't

Author Janice Porter Lynch shares her story of turning to Jesus in her new book release, "When God is Faithful, and Your Husband Isn't." This is not a vindictive story, but one written from a woman who turned completely to God in her greatest trial. After nine years of marriage, Janice Porter Lynch's world, "changed in one day." She'll never forget the despair, the anger, and the betrayal that sought to destroy her.

This book puts the entire focus of her trial into Jesus' palms. He was faithful to her when all else was not. She shares how we too can look to God to provide for us amidst great adversity.

Offering hope and encouragement, not only for women in similar situations - but to all who face crisis', this book will build your faith tremendously.

Well-written and engaging, the author writes as she delves into each step of what took place and her real reactions that followed. What makes her book different or worthwhile to read? The way she responded to each situation, emotion, or event. She looked only to God to find help, forgiveness, and the fortitude to go on after such a betrayal.

This book will encourage all who have or are going through a fiery trial of their own to look up, look to Jesus, and to let Him be your provider, for He is faithful. Refreshingly honest and uplifting this book is an encouragement to all.

You will learn from this book:

· Seven keys to help you walk through even the most soul-crushing crisis with victory.
· Faith in God and in His Word to thrive in His plan for your life.
· How to pray more effectively, even in the midst of crisis.
· How to recognize the signs of an unfaithful spouse.
· Understanding of the hidden dangers of pornography. and much, much more… This book is invaluable.

Janice Porter Lynch holds a degree in psychology and has homeschooled her three children. She has over 30 years of experience in ministries with women and youth. She is a writer and a speaker.

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