A Fiction Fantasy Novel, Deception of Magic, the first of the Lord of the Stars series

Title: Deception of Magic
By: Author Joel Bouriaque
ISBN # 13: 9780615549026
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

Author Joel Bouriaque releases a fiction fantasy novel, Deception of Magic, the first of the Lord of the Stars series. This fun fantasy novel will take the reader on an action packed adventure of a lifetime as each page unfolds. The author weaves and reveals biblical truth with scripture and theology throughout the pages of this fantasy novel using the backdrop of scripture that teaches and imparts the truth of God's Word. This book is engaging and entertaining that unveils powerful truths from Christianity such as salvation, prayer, sin, forgiveness, and the power of the Cross.

This book reaches out to the secular world, young adults and teenagers alike who enjoy fantasy fiction novels. Entertaining and delightful, this novel not only reaches out to the younger generation with the truth of the Word, but also does so in a unique way through character dialogue and interaction. Each character is fully developed by the author, causing the reader to know their intertwining character strengths and weaknesses.

It is the author's hopes to reach out to a lost generation with the truth of the Word of God. He gives enlightenment to many by revealing the purpose of salvation, and explains that man has always had the choice to follow God or to follow their own evil hearts. This book does a wonderful job of displaying the character of God and the consequences of following your own path. For a life filled with pride and lack of acknowledgment of who God is, is a life doomed and on the wrong path. A wonderful, uplifting and inspiring series with the next book release set for September of 2013.

Joel Bouriaque is from Morenci, Arizona, a small mining town located on the very eastern edge of the state. He currently lives in Wetumpka, Alabama, where he attends Santuck Baptist church. Joel has been married for 15 years, to his lovely wife, Sommer. They have two children. His hobbies include guitar, farming, and of course, reading the Bible.

For more information about the author and the book visit Author Joel Bouriaque Amazon page where it is available in paper back and Kindle. You may also get your copy of Deception of Magic at Barnes and Noble in paperback and Nook.

Deception of Magic by Author Joel Bouriaque
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
A Must Read Fiction Fantasy Novel

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