Taking A Look at The Laodicean Church of today - Last Call by Author Danny Clifford

For Immediate Release
July 24, 2012
A Christian Book Marketing Press Release

The Last Call, from multi-published author and Vietnam Veteran, Danny Clifford, speaks to today's modern Church.

This compelling and powerful book takes a look at the 'Laodicean Church' of today and urges today's modern day Church to come back to their "first love." In Jesus' message to the Laodicean Church, the Church had become lukewarm. This is not Jesus' desire for the Body of Christ; he wants your whole heart and a committed relationship. The author gives an analogy and compares this call to a committed relationship versus an affair. A committed relationship requires daily work and a lying down of one's life. This relationship is committed no matter what may come-good or bad; an affair, on the other hand, is carnal and is only looking to supply the person's selfish evil desires. With that said, The Last Call, is a wake-up call to most and a call to come into a real personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Time is short as the author states and he asks the questions: Are you a disciple of Jesus? Are you ready for Christ's return? The author states his case and adamantly urges others in a gentle and loving manner that is backed up by Jesus' teachings to recognize these last days for what they are as he inspires others to come into a fully-committed discipleship with the Lord. Come into a deeper understanding of true-discipleship and have the relationship the Lord desires, fulfilling His will and purposes in the process with this new release.

The Last Call is an urgent message to the Body of Christ. With today's message of prosperity, Danny Clifford, reveals biblical truths within the teachings of Jesus' gospel. He shows that many who preach from the pulpits preach a message that is from an obsolete covenant and unveils the false doctrine within these messages. He wants the Church to wake up and believes that the Lord is calling those disciples that are willing to pick up their cross and follow Jesus wherever they are sent. This is a compelling, challenging read that inspires, refreshes and renews one's spiritual life by revealing the power of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus that will ignite a passion for the Lord and encourage a deeper walk with Christ.

Danny Clifford is a multi-published author. From his service as a Vietnam Veteran, comes his first book-Behind Enemy Lines, powerful true-life story of his survival as a soldier caught in war torn Vietnam. He inspires readers with his secret weapon that he found as he explains his journeys from a solider in the United States Army to a soldier in the Kingdom of God. Danny also has a strong evangelistic calling, as he and his wife Michelle, are a powerful kingdom ministry team that have a heart to minister truth to the captives. They are also in the process of developing a prison ministry in Maine.

Danny is available for speaking engagements, seminars, revivals and the like. Find out more about his ministry and books at Spiritual Inspired Word or Heart And Soul Ministries. Last Call is also available on Amazon and other fine online bookstores.