The Visions and Dreams Within You

There are visions and dreams within you... waiting to be released. You have an important destiny to fulfill and a Kingdom assignment to complete! So, what’s holding you back? Distraction.   

In an age of unending technological advancements, daily stress, and constant spiritual static from the enemy, the Holy Spirit is calling you to focus. Margie Fleurant shows you how to do this… practically and powerfully.  

This doesn’t necessarily mean going to a monastery or taking a spiritual retreat. God is actually looking for something else. He wants you to learn how to be spiritually focused while living in a distracted world.  

Receive empowering tools to:   
  • Identify and eliminate common distractions… and keep your focus centered on God 
  • Train your spiritual senses to engage the unseen realm... and detect changes in spiritual atmospheres 
  • Sharpen your ability to “tune in” to God… and speak prophetically with clarity and power