Meet Christian Author and Teacher Lou Walker

Christian Author and teacher, Lou V. Walker releases, Because the Lord is Your Shepherd: We Must Teach Those in the Next Generation, giving insight to walking with and knowing personally the One true Living God, Jesus Christ. 

As the author states, you have misery and strife because you do not know the spiritual living God personally…  Blessings upon blessings can and will be yours as you come to know the true Living God.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, the author leads others to search the Scriptures to be able to identify the Son of God, encouraging all unto salvation.  Revealing the nature of God as the Son of Man who ransomed many, this uplifting book is about learning, and knowing God as your Shepherd, Savior and Redeemer – the One who is willing to work all things out for good (Romans 8:28).  One will begin to and comprehend the awesome privileges as a child of God reserved for those who seek and find Him.  Inspirational in nature, the book is filled with the rich and true promises of God that will bless your life now and forever. 

With much wisdom and lots of insight, this book also offers a biblical perspective to society’s woes and the sin that pervades cultures in the past and our present day society.  Understanding that your God is a righteous God is the first step in revealing life’s obstacles and overcoming them.  Ms. Lou V. Walker encourages all to stand firmly upon the Word of God and receive the blessings that come from being a child of God. 

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Filled With Wisdom, Sound Doctrine and the Word of God

Christian Author, Pastor releases a wonderful read filled with wisdom, sound doctrine, encouragement, hope and the Word of God.

This is a must read for every believer regardless of where you are at in your walk with God.

Highly recommended for new and mature believers alike, Not The Way You Thought It Would Be includes a study guide at the end of each chapter that facilitates individual study and/or can be used in a group setting.  A highly recommended read for those that feel burnt out and need help in understanding the journey they are on.

  • A Faith Builder
  • Encouraging
  • Filled With Scripture
  • A Must Read

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A Wonderfully Written Novel

With the use of much Scripture, this novel is all about giving hope to others and teaching them the way of the Lord.  9.8 out of 10.0 stars ~ CBM 

Against All Odds ~ Presenting a young girl, Wanda, being born in a single parent home in 1951, Wanda was raised by her single mother, which meant many things.  First, Wanda was home alone a lot; her family also endured much poverty and moved many times.  Wanda has three older brothers in the book that weren’t very nice to her and eventually multi-faceted forms of abuse arise from the boys, stemming from the parents, trickling down to the children.  Wanda, having no real sense of family, ended up pregnant as a teenager and also married an abusive spouse, therefore repeating the cycle.  Learning to overcome the many pitfalls of poverty through education, Wanda perseveres and relies on her faith in God from a young age to see her through the storms of her life. 

This wonderful story depicts the often plight of children raised in poor environments with a lack of family structure.  Endearing, this novel displays how God can help turn one life’s around, and points others in the direction of seeking God’s Kingdom first in their lives.  The book begins with a poignant scripture, Matthew 25:31-40 where Jesus separates the sheeps from the goats at the end of the age, speaking of those that fed the hungry, clothed the naked and visited those who were sick and in prison.  This is a highly encouraging and educational read, giving others faith in Jesus Christ and His Word for life’s journeys. 

Against All Odds by Sheila Hodges ~ Against All Odds 

Christian Reading for Today's Youth

Disciple John releases a must read for today's youth.

In Flying Like an Eagle young Simon Drake in 1918 England.  Endearing and focused on scripture, the author tells of this young man’s encounter with an Angel in a dream.  

The boy sets out on a journey, dedicating his life to serve Jesus Christ and show a needy world the love of Christ through many signs, wonders and healings.  This is one of those stories that seep deep down into the heart, creating a yearning for more of God.  Highly recommended for young readers, this book will ignite passion and faith to follow Jesus Christ. 

As the young boy travels through the countryside there are many divine appointments and miracles that begin to happen.  The young boy is used to hearing the voice of the Lord and the book is built on a sense of faith building, intertwining scriptures that usher in faith to believe.  Encouraging and refreshing, this book reminds us that we can believe in Christ’s Word. 

For young readers between the ages of 9-13, this book also is recommended to build faith for mature readers that enjoy a good story-line intertwining faith and the Bible for entertainment. 
  • Flying Like An Eagle
  • Disciple John
  • Review Date: August 28, 2014
  • A CBM Book Review
  • 9.8 out of 10.0 stars
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The Importance of the word, If

The subject of If and scripture.

For those that desire "truth" from the Word of God, this book comes highly recommended.  Tackling this subject of if was no easy task, and Edward and Kelly Mrkvicka have done so in such a way that lays not condemnation, but brings all to repentance and to the Word of God as the only righteous standard.  Encouraging, one will find this book giving them an appetite for more of the "truths" of Scripture.  A highly recommended read! 

~ For more information about the author and his books, visit Edward F Mrkvicka Jr.

CBM Book Review - Revelation: A Fresh Perspective

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Many want to understand the Book of Revelation, but are overwhelmed by the nature and content, to include the nature of the many symbolic details that don’t seem to make any sense. 

Author Larry Adams delves into the Book of Revelation, chapter by chapter, to give contextual overview, then offers readers details to connect the dots so to speak.

In his exciting new book release, Larry Adams has made it possible (notice I didn’t say easy) to understand the Book of Revelation.  This is not a hard to understand book, but one that will take dedication and time to digest.  The author has put forth an incredible study into this book of the Bible and reveals that it is really an exciting book that we all should put aside time to study.  Here and now in our day and time, we may very well being seeing the pages of this book unfold before our very eyes – with that thought in mind - hold on tight, get comfortable and delve into a book that is worth the study and exploration. 

Additionally, thi book offers a fresh perspective that will provide a better understanding of John’s revelation without a lot of theological dogma that most can’t understand.  This book is one that doesn’t take a college degree to finish, nor understand, and comes highly recommended as either a personal study or for a small group study. ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 stars, this is a must read.

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