Christian Reading for Today's Youth

Disciple John releases a must read for today's youth.

In Flying Like an Eagle young Simon Drake in 1918 England.  Endearing and focused on scripture, the author tells of this young man’s encounter with an Angel in a dream.  

The boy sets out on a journey, dedicating his life to serve Jesus Christ and show a needy world the love of Christ through many signs, wonders and healings.  This is one of those stories that seep deep down into the heart, creating a yearning for more of God.  Highly recommended for young readers, this book will ignite passion and faith to follow Jesus Christ. 

As the young boy travels through the countryside there are many divine appointments and miracles that begin to happen.  The young boy is used to hearing the voice of the Lord and the book is built on a sense of faith building, intertwining scriptures that usher in faith to believe.  Encouraging and refreshing, this book reminds us that we can believe in Christ’s Word. 

For young readers between the ages of 9-13, this book also is recommended to build faith for mature readers that enjoy a good story-line intertwining faith and the Bible for entertainment. 
  • Flying Like An Eagle
  • Disciple John
  • Review Date: August 28, 2014
  • A CBM Book Review
  • 9.8 out of 10.0 stars
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