R. Frederick Riddle, captures the history of the Pioneer days in the Michigan Territory during the war of 1812

Title: Dead Eye Will
By: R. Frederick Riddle
Review Date: December 20, 2013
A Christian Book Review 
 9.8  Out of 10.0 stars

Dead Eye Will by Christian author, R. Frederick Riddle, captures the history of the Pioneer days in the Michigan Territory during the war of 1812.  Although fictional, this novel is historically accurate and speaks of a past American hero by the name of William Riddle who served his country bravely in battle against the British and continued on as a special agent for Governor William Class.  Rich with historical detail, the author relates accurately the geography, times and culture of the war of 1812, sharing the adventure of William Riddle and his two older brothers who have signed up in the Army to fight against the British.  A rich and endearing tale of war, faith, adventure, romance and danger that is sure to satisfy those with a taste for the Old Pioneer days.

Fascinating, fast-paced and action packed, this novel speaks of a daring time of the unsettled life for the early Pioneers - filled with scenes of war and Indians, the period between 1813 and 1837 is revealed by the author.  William quickly earns the nickname "Dead Eye" as he becomes a hero by saving his regiment from a deadly Indian attack.  By delivering the single shot, taking down the Indian Chief, resulting in the retreat of the enemy and the forewarning to his comrades of the ensuing attack, thus leading to promotion, "Dead Eye" Will is known for his bravery and keen skills.  William sets on a journey as he discovers the true foundation of life: building trust and faith in Jesus Christ.  He quickly learns that, although life is ever-changing, Christ is all-sufficient in and through all things.  Encouraging and inspiring, this novel is highly recommended novel for those that love action and adventure series of the Old West and Pioneer Days!

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