CBM Book Review - A Fight for Innocence by Noleen Finch

Title: A Fight for Innocence
By: Noleen Finch
ISBN# 978-1622953561
Review Date: December 26, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Fight for Innocence by Noleen Finch, although fictional, encapsulates the plight of innocent children touched by sexual abuse, never to be the same and carrying burdens that should not be.  As this subject is monumental in nature, the author has created a story that will give hope and is written in the spirit of Isaiah 61 – setting the captives free. 

Emanating from the struggle is the existence of evil that impacts our young every day in our world.  With brilliance, Noleen Finch draws attention to this subject in a very real way, giving readers insight on how innocent children have been scarred for life.     

Cassie Howard is a young ambitious single woman that has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in crisis.  Cassie leans on her strong faith in Jesus Christ to be able to help those families she encounters and finds herself drawn to a four-year old named Annon.  Cassie realizes Annon has an amazing gift, one that may unlock the mystery to Justin, a three-year old little boy that has just been kidnapped.  With amazing intensity, true faith and a pure heart, Cassie embarks on an ensuing journey of faith that leads to a struggle over true evil that lurks in the darkness of the world. 

Fast paced and true to real life, A Fight for Innocence is one of those books that the reader will never forget.  The plight of child sexual abuse and the prevalence of evil affecting our children is a reality.  Highlighting this evil as a spiritual battle, the author sheds light on the reality of spiritual warfare that rages against the innocent children.  A Fight for Innocence will ignite passion to believe, hope and gives readers a yearning for justice in the lives of those held captive by evil, meanwhile giving them the tools to recognize abuse.  A wonderful book that just might be a movie in the making!  Highly Recommended.

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