Bipolar Victory by Author Ray Sturt

In his candid memoir, Bipolar Victory, Ray Sturt tells his story about bipolar disorder, of devastating loss, restoration, and second chances. Although a typical onset of the disorder occurs at age 25, Ray Sturt's developed much later in life. A successful machinist, U.S. Army Reserve soldier, husband, and father, Sturt's life was derailed by an unexpected diagnosis in his 40's. A mood disorder characterized by cycles of depression and elation, bipolar disorder affected his thinking, judgment and behavior. He spiraled into a bottomless pit of depression, fear and suicidal thoughts. But Ray was not alone in his suffering. Ray's wife and two sons lived alongside him through twelve years of worry, stress and embarrassment as Ray's condition worsened. Glimpses of elation and dark periods of depression followed. The devastation of bipolar touched every part of Ray's life: his job, marriage, health, even his faith. His book, Bipolar Victory, describes his struggle with mental illness and sudden release and how it affected the whole family. Written for the bipolar community, Ray shares his story to encourage and comfort those living under the oppression and siege of mental illness.

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