Another Must Read by Emma Right - Dead Dreams: Book 1 - An epic psychological thriller!

Emma Right, author of the Keeper of Reign releases a new contemporary mystery thriller series for young adults: Dead Dreams: Book 1 - An epic psychological thriller! 

Brie has just turned eighteen and has the world at her fingertips.  Her new life on her own has just begun.  She has big dreams, a loving and supportive family, a new roommate, Sarah, who besides being a rich heiress seems to have a few strange quirks, yet it pays the bills - Brie reasons to herself.  Ominous, yet inviting, this new series offers an on the edge of your seat psychological thrill ride. 

Set in modern day California, namely the Atherton area, everything looks perfect…but is it?  Brie tries to brush it aside, this feeling, these strange happenings with her roommate, but could it be that what lies beneath is sometimes darkness, instead of light.  She just can't quite put her finger on it yet, but Brie is determined to see her dreams come true with acting school and finishing college on the horizon.  Her new life is blossoming; still it's almost too good to be true?? We all have dreams, but Brie's dreams just might lead her down an unabated path of destruction leading to a nightmare – One that she might not be able to recover from and with deadly consequences.  This is another must read by Emma Right. 

You may get your copy of Emma Right's Dead Dreams: Book 1 at Amazon, and in Kindle Edition . Be sure to pick up your copy today. Be sure to visit Emma at Author Emma Right.

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