In the News - Author Emma Right of the Pacific West Coast, USA releases Keeper of Reign

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Keeper of Reign, Destined to be a best seller

Author Emma Right of the Pacific West Coast, USA releases Keeper of Reign.  An action packed fantasy novel.  Written for young adults and the young at heart, this new reign fantasy trilogy by Emma Right captures audiences with an epic tale of a kingdom without a king, a keeper with secrets, an ancient curse and a teenage Elfie (a blend of an elf and fairy) boy who has the power to find the truth and reverse the curse. 

Destined to discover the ancient secrets and books written in blood, Jules Blaze, is young and tenacious; overcoming many difficulties, he sets out on a journey to set his people free.  Would it be possible to reverse the curse that has long plagued people or Reign? 

There's only one problem – Gehzurolle, an evil lord and his minions of Scorpents do not want him to discover this truth.  Enslaved by evil, these evil minions are ordered to do nothing less than destroy!  Come and experience the Keeper of Reign.  It's only a matter of time before good triumphs over evil.  A classic in the making!   

Emma Right is an avid writer and reader.  As a busy wife and mother, she enjoys homeschooling her five children, as she also endeavors in writing stories for her children.  As lover of the Lord Almighty, she values His Word deeply, and when she doesn't have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one.

For further information about the author and her book visit Emma Right.  You may also get your copy of Keeper of Reign on Amazon in Kindle Edition.  You may contact the author at

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