9 Miracles: One Woman's Amazing Journey Home After Seeing Her Son off to War, get it in Kindle Edition

9 Miracles: One Woman's Amazing Journey Home After Seeing Her Son off to War offers hope, encouragement and help during times of despair.   Come read about one mother's encounters, as God leads the way on her darkest day.  An amazing story of God's grace just when we need it most! 


This particular day, this brave mom sent her beloved son off to war in Iraq.  Coincidentally, she would have to make the trip alone without any support from her husband due to his prior work commitments that could not be negotiated.  As she departed for home, her journey began-only to discover that each encounter (9 in all) added up to 9 miracles.  These encounters will bring tears to your eyes as one begins to understand the love and mercy of God.  As the author states, 'God's mercy is unending and overflowing.'  This is an amazing testimony, no matter the age of the reader, that God does love His children and He can carry us through our darkest hour. 

Leigh Watson resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two children.  She describes herself as a thoughtful mother, loyal friend and one who has dedicated her life to her children.  Her story is unique in that she is not an author, just an ordinary mother that has been touched deeply by the love of God.  She could not stop thinking about writing this book, had never written a book before, but decided to follow God's prompting and write her experience for all to be encouraged.  She believes that this book should be in every airport and hospital gift store. 

The message is powerful, life-changing and inspiring; one that will touch your heart with the endless mercy and grace of God.  After reading this book, one will gain new perspective of how wonderful God's mercy and grace truly is. 

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