The Unknown Evil - The Oldest Enemy by Michael J. Webb

Title: The Oldest Enemy
By: Michael J. Webb
Christian Book Review
ISBN# 978-1-936835-12-6
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Sparked by memories that haunt him, David Lighthouse's new life is seemingly hanging by a thread as his past boomerangs directly back into his face.  Confronted with accusations of murder, yet again, David embarks on an incredible, heart-pounding journey as an assistant Pastor that directly confronts the evil that has targeted him.  Once an investigative reporter for the Denver Post, David has learned that what lies beneath is not always the truth.  Being accused of murdering his fiancĂ© in the past, he now discovers that not only is he a target from a sinister force, but the entire world is as well.  Even more frightening is that this evil is unknown to many and plans from a reclusive German billionaire threaten another holocaust. 

Gathering an entourage of a mix of friends and skeptics, David sets out to stop this evil that threatens to bring destruction upon the world.  Only he knows the truth.  He is the only one who can stop this conspiracy from this ancient evil that has risen yet again.  Readers will be thoroughly entertained and enthralled with this thriller involving exorcisms, demons and the fight against good and evil as David battles mankind's oldest arch enemy, evil itself. 

This novel is a highly recommend read for those that enjoy suspense, the supernatural, drama, and a well-written plot with believable characters.  The author writes with ease and readers will be kept on the edge of their seat with the author's use of descriptive imagery and dialogue that invites the reader into the scene and the very feelings of the characters.  There is a much deeper gospel message weaved throughout the story as well.  Eternal in nature, this message delves into who mankind's ancient enemy really is. 

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