Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity is a compelling must read book

Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity by Julie Ngwabi

Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity is a compelling book that sheds light on who you are as a Christian and gives insight into living a victorious life in Christ.  Unveiling the power of who you are in Christ, author Julie Ngwabi, has written this book to instruct you to walk in the God-given purpose that you were created for.  Many, even Christians, experience identity crisis, not knowing who they are or what they were created for.  You have a rich inheritance in Christ, and you, as a Christian, are the temple of God.  Learn how to fulfill your potential to the fullest as you discover your purpose through this insightful biblical perspective on your identity as a Child of God.

In-depth and formed from personal experience, with rich teaching from Scripture, the author has developed this book to guide others into their destinies. 

As a young child growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa, the author grew up in poverty due to the death of her father at the age of eleven.  She assumed many responsibilities for the family as her mother struggled with different jobs to support the family.  She came to the Lord at a young age and has been transformed into a powerful ambassador for the Lord, ministering life in Christ to others.  The author's hopes are that you will access the keys to living a purposeful and satisfying life through her book, while developing a deeper intimacy with the Lord as the realization of your purpose comes to fruition.   

Reading this book will transition you into a deeper, meaningful and purpose filled life -leading to victory in Christ in all areas of your life.  Be lifted higher and be encouraged through this thought provoking and inspiring book.

You may get your copy of Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity on Amazon, at the author's website Christian Identity and at the author's blog.

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