Learn The Benefits of Dreaming - Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God

Christian author and speaker, June C. Uzzi-Daniel, releases: Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God.  Are you tired of going around that same mountain?  Are you unsatisfied with your current situation or unhappy in your life?  Do you want to hear from God clearly for yourself and have the faith to move mountains?  Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God will help one to discover God's truth in regards to these life issues and one will:
  • Discover the truth about the Garden of Eden's location;
  • Understand the simple principles one can follow to enter & remain in God's narrow path;
  • Learn the benefits of dreaming;
  • Know why our parents have always warned us not to eat outside.
From this wonderful book one will comprehend how all things can work together for your good...this new book reveals:
  • The secret to why Godly wisdom is better than rubies from Proverbs 3:13-15;
  • Will help one cultivate patience for God's promises;
  • Will direct you on how to find your God given role on Earth;
  • Havilah will guide you to the peace of God;
  • Reveals principles that can help us live right in God's eyes & overcome sin.
Author June C. Uzzi-Daniel comes from a place of being plucked from the fire to being an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, called and chosen to reveal the truth of the Word of God, so that others may walk in the love, power and the glorious light of the Lord.  The author desires that all would come into the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and into the revelatory truth of God's Word.  Captivating and challenging, this book will teach one the mysteries and truths to understanding God and teaches how to walk in the blessings of God.  A highly recommended, encouraging and enlightening read.  

For more information about author June C. Uzzi-Daniel, his book Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God and to learn more about his life-changing ministry visit: www.havilahcog.com  You may also purchase your copy of Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God on Amazon in paperback and also in Kindle Edition.

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