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Title: Four Eigen Life: From Mendocino to Know God
By: Moria MacMegan
Review Date: January 29, 2013
Review by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Four Eigen Life: From Mendocino to Know God by Moria MacMegan is a fiction tale of a young boy named Merk MacMegan and his journey through life to adulthood.  Raised in the small picturesque ocean lined town of Mendocino, Northern California in the 1940's, we learn of the beauty, his memories and innocence that is confronted by evil, yet there is also so much good to his adventures as a young boy.  Travel down this road as the young boy encounters his first love, a girl named Bobbie.  Captured and captivated by this young girl, young Merk's entire being is thrown off course as the rejection and betrayal by his best friend in high school lead the lad on a search to find and know God.  This endearing story of young innocence will stick with you, as you ponder your own purpose in life. 

The author seeks to identify the four unique, yet similar experiences we all as humans have here on Earth by engaging the reader with the four intersections of life that all experience: mind, body, soul and heart.  This novel will not only entertain, but it will also encourage and uplift the reader to seek their own adventure and path in discovering the God-given purpose that is revealed through the pages of this delightful read.    

In this journey, Merk MacMegan, as old man reflects on his story, relating to others as a scientist, physicist, and a cold war warrior who was involved in developing very advanced weapons to assist the United States in it's defense against the USSR during the Cold War years.  While the memory of the cold war has faded, during that time the threat of war with Russia was a very real and legitimate threat.  With the help of trained scientists like him, the U.S. was able to overcome and position itself as a superpower.  A legend in his own time, Merk, gazes on the adventure called "life." 

Readers will find this tale and journey of Merk MacMegan refreshing in that the use of scripture is woven together to complete the beautiful tapestry of a life well lived.  One can embrace the encounters, the character experiences and appreciate the transformation that takes place.  We are all the same in regard to the fact that no one escapes pain, but it's what and how one reacts to that pain that can make all the difference.  Encouraging and inspiring, this story is written to give an understanding to the reader of their God-given life that will speak to the purpose in each individual and why they were put here on Earth. 

Enticing and engaging, the author's writing style utilizes descriptive imagery that invites the reader to experience the landscape, climate and feel of the cozy small town called Mendocino City.  He gives insight into the terrain, the settlement and the people, enabling the reader to experience each page as if they were there.  This fiction novel is truly a delightful read, one that all identify with as each person has their own individual story of childhood, innocence lost and a path that led us to perhaps seek God. 

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