Hippo in the Stable by Christian author, Mark Trodd

Title: Hippo in the Stable
By: Mark Trodd
ISBN# 978-1-4797-1561-9
Review Date: November 23, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Hippo in the Stable by Christian author, Mark Trodd, is a full color illustrated children's book that is a delightful tale of a Hippo named Harriet who is captured from her home by Roman soldiers.  She is taken to Jerusalem, but escapes with Boon, a wide-eyed intelligent monkey.  The pair end up in an amazing place, which happens to be the same stable as where baby Jesus was born.  There in Bethlehem, the two are curious why this baby is so special, as they witness the three wise men giving gifts to worship the little baby in the manger who is said to have been born to save the people from their sins.  They later learn that he will lead people to the way to God.

Your children will learn of baby Jesus and history as these two charming characters journey together, and follow Jesus to find their way back home.  Parents will find that this book is an encouragement and a door opener to talk to young children about Jesus.  Little ones will be delighted by the colorful full page illustrations and adore this story of a little Hippo named Harriet.

Mark Trodd is an ex-schoolteacher of 18 years.  His love is to write and as he writes- he feels naked without a pen in his hand.  His hopes are to enrich children's lives through the use of enchanting stories focusing children on the Lord.  Harriet the Hippo was inspired through a puppet that his wife of thirty-five years used during her career as a Kindergarten teacher, as she taught little ones to be prepared in a world of "big people." 

Visit Hippo in the Stable by Mark Trodd for more information. You can also get your copy of Hippo in the Stable at Mark Trodd's Amazon page and in ebook format at Faithwriters.

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