Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom by Christian author Denise Milianta,

Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom by Christian author and life coach, Denise Milianta, offers godly wisdom and principles based on scripture in this new book.  Encouraging and inspiring, the author reveals sound biblical perspective to all of life's circumstances and decisions.  Learn to apply biblical wisdom in all areas of your life that include obedience unto God, financial decisions and wisdom to restore broken relationships.  Unlock your life's potential and discover that you were made for a unique purpose in life where there is life and joy.  Enter into a new season spiritually and emotionally through the pages of this book; one that is overflowing with a new life and hope that is found in Jesus Christ; discover that, "All things are possible with God." 

Revealing God's way and how to make the right choice, versus the wrong choice, all in obedience to God and His Word, one will find hope and newness through this spiritual handbook, as it reveals one woman's true-life story of heartbreak that led to an amazing journey of intimacy with God.  If you have experienced the pain of divorce, loss and financial destruction in your life to include the loss of meaningful relationships and long for recovery and restoration, this book is recommend for you.  This book will give you the knowledge and wisdom to discover your true purpose in God, while helping you to dig deep to discover the healing, help and comfort of the Holy Spirit. 

Inspiring and uplifting, this book will give you the tools to a new life in Christ filled with purpose, joy and hope through discovering the power of wisdom.  Transform your heart and mind and walk in a new experience with God and others.  Let this season begin and end with hope; a highly recommended read for all that desire restoration and transformation in their lives.

You may contact the author at her website: or contact her by email at:  You can find her books on Denise Milianta's Amazon page and other fine online bookstores.  She is available for life coaching and speaking engagements in her immediate area, please contact her website for more details.

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