Reclaiming Victory: Living in The Gospel

Today, many believe the gospel is nothing more than the basics of Christianity – the first of many steps toward living a victorious life of joy. The gospel of Christ is believed, accepted, and then laid to the side as believers search for the abundant life of materialism, possessions and other worldly joys.

Do you remember the joy that you first experienced when Jesus saved you from your sins? Have ministry programs, self-help principles, and moral mandates drawn you away from the very gospel that first captivated your soul? Do you find yourself struggling to recapture that which has been lost, your first love, joy and the very victory that you experienced when first coming to Christ?

Far too many believers experience this loss of vitality in their spiritual lives and walk with God. In fact, this decline is so common that many say a declining passion is to be expected as a Christian matures!

Even worse, because of our inept view of the gospel, many non-believers disregard the Bible's evidences of salvation, joining the millions of unfulfilled believers in a fruitless search for peace. A peace that escapes them, and is not to be found.

It doesn't have to be that way,

In Reclaiming Victory: Living in The Gospel, author Jason R. Velotta dispels the idea that salvation is just the doorway to the road toward victorious living. With an informative yet captivating style, Reclaiming Victory brings God's Word to the forefront, showing that the gospel itself leads to living the victorious Christian life!

Believers will find that the life of fulfillment is waiting at Calvary, exactly where we left it. Disregard the "recovery" mindset, which has led to helplessness and apathy, for the gospel is not just the doorway to salvation…It is the source for living a victorious Christian life!

Your Savior is waiting…your fulfillment has always been in Him…Victory is already yours! Let us return to our first love and again experience the joy that we first found in Christ.

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