Exposing the Nakedness - Last Call

Last Call … is an inspirational and motivational non-fiction book for disciple-ship that answers all the difficult questions people have today about Christianity. The book's theme is how to become a disciple of Jesus, the Spiritual Inspired Word. It is simple and powerful focusing on the "New Will of God" and the blood doctrine of Jesus.

Last Call … Reveals the mystery of Calvary to you as never before, and you'll realize that Jesus really is your "High Priest", and you and you alone are responsible for your relationship with God.

Last Call … will shake the foundation of today's Church and expose the nakedness of the many persuasive and eloquent preachers who love to teach us their message of prosperity, from a Covenant that is obsolete. This popular false doctrine being taught today tickles the ears of many and changes the focus of our eyes and our hearts from the Kingdom and God, to desiring worldly treasures. It gives us a new disease called Worldly Possession Syndrome, and it's highly contagious to those who don't spend time mediating and studying God's Word.

· Paperback: 234 pages
· Publisher: Danny and Michelle Clifford (July 19, 2012)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0615667120
· ISBN-13: 978-0615667126

Danny Clifford is a multi-published author. From his service as a Vietnam Veteran, comes his first book-Behind Enemy Lines, a powerful true-life story of his survival as a soldier caught in war torn Vietnam. He inspires readers with the secret weapon that he found as he explains his journeys from a solider in the United States Army to a soldier in the Kingdom of God.

Now Danny releases Last Call. A must read book.

Find out more about Danny, his books and his ministry at The Spiritual Inspired Word where you will be abundantly blessed.