Three Life Changing Books from a Mother's Heart

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son-Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer is a faith-filled journey of one woman's heartache and the triumphant redemption of her Prodigal Son fighting addiction. This powerful book is written to give witness to the transforming power of faith and prayer. Many will be inspired and empowered as they watch God work and transform lives. This true story will touch your heart and give you the faith to keep holding on and to never let go. This book is truly a triumphant and amazing testimony to the saving power of God and the absolute power of prayer and a testimony to a mother's tenacity. Learn how to proclaim the Word of God over your children and watch it come to pass!

Anita Estes is a best selling author, teacher and mother. Her heart-wrenching trial and journey through the battle of her adult son's addiction are recorded in this book as an easy to read journal entries. Watch her faith rise, being transformed from glory to glory, as she shares her mother's heart in "Letters to God." An awe-inspiring story and a remarkable testimony to the transforming power found in God through prayer. Truly God is Mighty to save. This is a must read book. Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend.

Transformed--Inspiring Stories of Freedom is a powerful collection of stories from men who were released from the bondage of addiction through a dynamic program at Transformation Life Center, but the power that changed these men is available to all. Read about the amazing transformations of men who were in gangs, caught up in the drug world, imprisoned, homeless, hopelessly addicted, about to commit suicide...all delivered by the power of God! This collection of over twenty-five stories will bring hope to those affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

When God Speaks is loaded with nuggets of wisdom that Anita Estes shares in her inspirational stories, prayers, application and evening meditation. As you reflect on these powerful verses you will be challenged and equipped to implement them into your daily life. God has given you everything you need for spiritual victory, but you must take the first step.

When God Speaks is ideal for a Lenten or Advent devotional and will prepare you for the celebration of these spiritual seasons as well as for having victory in everyday life.

For more information about the author and her books visit Anita Estes Amazon page or Anita's Estes blog for refreshing and some great ministry.

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