Author Jim Armstrong - The Day the World Retreated

Title: The Day the World Retreated
By: Jim Armstrong
ISBN # 978-1-4675-1053-0
Review Date: May 31, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"The Day the World Retreated" by author Jim Armstrong is an inspiring and challenging fiction novel filled with raw reality, intrigue, and time travel that combines a powerful message that is as relevant today as in times past. As the author states, "This book is written for all those frustrated looking for hope in all the wrong places." This fast-paced fiction novel has a surprise ending and twists throughout, leaving the reader to ponder reality. The author has planted seed that describes the unmerited grace of God. Despite the futility of life, there is hope, because as the author writes, "Life is a gift …". And life is a gift that is not to be wasted.

Journey through the pages as the author takes the reader into time's past and the future in America. Filled with science fiction, time travel and a 2016 futuristic view, this novel is packed with descriptive imagery that takes the reader through the travels and lives of several interesting key characters. You will find yourself wanting to get back to the novel, wondering what is happening to each main character. This fiction novel is a page-turner, filled with intrigue and wonder as the author ingeniously weaves the lives of each person together into an intricate connection.

One will ponder the deeper meaning of life, their purpose and the world upon reading this fiction thriller novel. The book draws the reader into each reality of each character with the author's keen use of word plays and dialogue that sets the tone for each chapter. Each chapter unfolds as if the reader were there. If you enjoy fiction novels that keep you involved with characters that have science fiction, tech talk and time travel, you will enjoy this book.

The message within the pages is life changing. This book will leave you with the thought that happiness is not derived from external circumstances and is quite amazing in that it takes the attitudes of worldliness, exposing that the accumulation of wealth in our materialistic society cannot buy inner happiness; rather the author seems inclined to elaborate and peel away at the philosophy of the American life of "get more and do more" as a great lie that all of humanity has bought into, therefore, exposing the futility of life and living in selfishness that many in our modern day society participate in. This book is quite a wake-up call.

This thought provoking novel is highly recommended to those that wish to reach the secular community or for those that are not really walking with God, but desire something better. An amazing story that will leave an imprint on your soul and a longing for a better understanding of what that hope and faith is.

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9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews