The Joy of the Lord

Experiencing Jesus' Joy by Dr. James B. Joseph

Dr. James B. Joseph, in his new book Experiencing Jesus’ Joy, encourages and invites readers to experience the God-fulfilled life that is full of joy and great peace. Many desire true contentment, although true contentment is found in following the Lord and submitting to Him in every area of our lives. Experiencing the joy of the Lord is reserved for those who are willing to share, and suffer for others, putting aside selfish desires and ambitions, while simply picking up their cross and following Jesus. Sharing, as the author states, “God’s heart-felt desire to see His people experience His presence and guidance more fully”, Dr. Joseph (Brother James) has written this book so that others may come to know their God-given purpose in life and experience more godly joy.

Dr. Joseph is well aware of the most common complaint that comes from believers. That common complaint is a lack of joy and the first love that they felt upon first becoming a Christian. The author wants people to know that they can come back to their first love. The joy can be re-kindled in their life to burn brighter than ever before, as the reader submits to the Lord in His Lordship and comes to the understanding of the Lord’s desire to save all. Jesus wants us all to experience the joy that He experiences as we carry the ministry of reconciliation to others in need of salvation.

Experiencing Jesus’ Joy is an excellent and must read for every Christian, whether new or the mature believer, this book will provide those who desire a closer walk with God a deeper understanding of His will, His Word and His will for their life. Those who have a greater desire for fulfilling the will of God in their lives will be inspired and discipled by this book. Being a Christian is meant to live a life full of abundant joy, and many miss this joy from the many distractions and busyness of life. Come experience His joy with this book that is rich with scripture and sound biblical teaching.

As a Christian pastor, author and professor over the past 30 years Dr. Joseph has a fervent passion for Christ and His Word. The author has learned Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin as the Lord has led him on a path to a deeper understanding of His Word. The author also holds graduate degrees from Wake Forest University, Hood Theological Seminary, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ordained as a pastor in 2007, licensed since 2000 as a minister, the author is also an adjunct professor at Liberty University teaching seminary classes. His earlier book, Victory in Jesus: Being a Child of God (1997), brought great reviews from many Christian leaders of various denominations. His main passion is to see the Body of Christ come into unity with one another becoming more active in the preaching of the Gospel and offering salvation and intimacy with the Lord to all.

To find out more about the author, his ministry and his books visit the author’s website In Jesus’ Service. Experiencing Jesus’ Joy is also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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