Author Press Release - “A Lump of Clay” - Highly recommended to families that want solid, wholesome and entertaining teaching available to their children

For Immediate Release
A CBM Press Release
(March 1st 2012)

Author, publisher, professional voice-over and singer releases "A Lump of Clay" a wonderful Christian Children's Fiction.

Dr. Bobby Holliday, PhD, Christian author and publisher gathers from her vast clinical psychology and theological education to enrich children's lives with Christian fundamentals, releases her first Christian Children's Fiction Book, "A Lump of Clay." As an author, publisher, professional voice-over, and singer, Dr. Bobby Holliday has culminated all her talents and put them into her first book which is the first in a series of seven books to come from the author that inspire and teach children in an entertaining way that they are loved by God, important, as well as how to handle life while teaching them biblical fundamentals through the use of delightful characters and animals. "A Lump of Clay" is an enchanting story of a special lump of clay created for a very special purpose. This full-sized and wonderfully illustrated picture hardback book includes an audio CD for easy reading and listening that will keep children fully engaged while teaching them important, "Life Lessons."

Dr. Bobby Holliday has been a Christian since her early teen years and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Theology. From a very young age she has been creating Christian teachings in the form of books and has now created a publishing company, Lady Hawk Press, which showcases all her newly printed and fully illustrated audio CD books. All her upcoming books, talents as a professional voice-over and singer, along with her interests in the equine industry are featured. She is also the founder of Equus Enterprises Inc., parent company to Lady Hawk Press that will cater in the future to under privileged and disabled children, as well as to veterans coming home from the front lines through the use of Equine Therapy. This will be the author's small way of giving back to the community, as loving a horse, saved her life.

"A Lump of Clay" will delight and teach young children how truly special and valuable they are and that a loving God created them for a very special purpose. This book triumphantly encourages children, and adults alike, that even though life is full of trials and tribulations, and even when sometimes life does not go as planned; God does have a purpose, a very special purpose for them because He loves them. Author Dr. Bobby Holliday takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through this little lump of clay's creation and through the challenges the clay faces as he learns to be humble and content in all circumstances.

Rebecca Price professionally illustrates all Dr. Holliday's books with colorful artwork and the audio CD's are professionally narrated by the author who is a professional voice-over. Dr. Holliday has done much work in the entertainment industry, her latest work being the official voice over for Angelina Jolie as the Lioness in Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2. Other talents include Rodger Bumpass, who is the voice and talent of Squidward in SpongeBob Squarepants. The audio CD will be sure to put a smile on your little one's face as they listen to the delightful narration, uplifting music and voices of all the characters that make the book magically come alive.

Dr. Bobby Holliday can be contacted at Lady Hawk Press. Her book series are also available through Amazon and other online bookstores. Through her vast Christian and educational background, she has gathered all her talents and put them into enriching the children that are our future. Her desire is to inspire and teach little ones to live their life centered on the Rock, Jesus Christ. All her books, including, "A Lump of Clay" are highly recommended to families that want solid, wholesome and entertaining teaching available to their children.