The Book Review presents No Innocent Affair by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

Title: No Innocent Affair
By: Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka
ISBN # 978 -1- 61777-768-4
Review Date: August 28, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

No Innocent Affair by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka takes a look at the plague of the 21st century and one of the main contributors to the destruction of the American family-the sin of Adultery. Being a lay minister and a man who has studied the Word for many years, the author, Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr., gives not his opinion, but gives the absolute truth of God’s Word through an extensive categorical list of scripture therefore laying first a biblical foundation. Then by clearly stating first God’s view and comparing it with Society’s view, the author lays bare the truth about adultery and the devastating consequences of adultery, not only to the person who commits the sin, but to others we love in our life who are the innocent victims of this pervasive ripple effect sin that is so prevalent in our society.

Most do no realize the far-reaching consequences of the sin of adultery in their lives, nor the cost and the author makes no mistake that there is no such thing as ‘an innocent affair’. This book is an eye opener for most and highly recommended for anyone either contemplating an adulterous affair or for those who may have been entangled in an adulterous affair. The author shows the way out with some of most practical teachings culminated from the infallible Word of God to bring others out of their sin and into the light of the Lord.

Openly, but lovingly, the author shares the unavoidable, yet dire consequences of adultery and reveals that not only does it affect our lives spiritually and physically, but the sin has a ripple effect that goes on to “… virtually every innocent person in our lives” (p.11). The consequences are so monumental, that no one in their right mind “armed” with the truth of God’s Word would commit adultery, but sadly, the author concedes from a recent survey, “…that over 88 percent of Americans believe adultery is wrong. Yet 77 percent of marriages involve at least one adultery.” This alarming fact in our society today is bringing many to the wide-path of destruction. Quite simply put, it is choosing death over life.

Edward Mrkvicka’s true desire is two-fold, first for all those that may be contemplating adultery to know the absolute truth of God’s Word and the dire consequences and for those that are in an adulterous affair or have been in the past that they would also realize the devastating consequences and that the truth would bring true repentance in their life. Lastly, Mrkvicka’s desire is that all would receive eternal life in Jesus Christ. Again, the author does not give his opinion, but God’s view and His Holy Word. This book offers no excuses, nor apologies, but gives the truth of the Word of God. This book is truly a blessing to the body of Christ and to all who read it.

This subject is not an easy subject to be discussed, nor is it very popular, but with so many on the path to destruction in our society it is a must read for anyone entangled in or contemplating adultery. This fascinating and well-written book exposes the truth and deception in the sin of adultery and brings forth light to the subject. Thankfully, the author ends that there is hope and states, “God can save us” (p.11). For there is one hope, and that one hope is the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Come, read, know the truth and be set free.

No Innocent Affair by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

Highly Recommended

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

A Must Read Book, Santa's Birthday Gift

From Award Winning Author Sherrill S. Cannon comes Santa's Birthday Gift ~ A Delightful Children's Story

Sherrill S. Cannon is the author of multiple books. Santa's Birthday Gift (2009) was written for ages 3-10 and received the 2011 National Indie Finalist Award and is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Peter and the Whimper-Wineys (2010) is designed to help parents cope with whining and complaining children. The book is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill's third book was released in February of 2011, The Magic Word. The book has received a NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for summer 2011, a Global eBook Award nomination, as well as being a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill grew up in the Willard Hotel in Washington DC (her Father was the manager), she was married and lived in Northern Virginia for twenty years where she and her husband raised four children. She later moved to the Philadelphia PA suburbs where she has lived for fourteen years.
To find out more about Author Sherrill S. Cannon, Santa's Birthday Gift, Whimper-Wineys and The Magic Word visit Sherrill S. Canon's website.

Letters To God, on a Prodigal Son

Title: Letters To God, on a Prodigal Son
Author: Anita Estes
ISBN # 9780982651018
Review Date: August 5, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Author, teacher, writer and mother, Anita Estes, shares her heart-wrenching trial and journey through the battle of her adult son’s addiction from a mother’s heart. Letters to God is an inspiring compilation of journal entries, lessons learned and powerful prayers written as she waged war through a battle of addiction for her prodigal son that would last approximately two years. Filled with faith-filled scriptural prayers, learn how to proclaim the Word of God over your children and watch it come to pass.

This book not only shares insights into the spiritual realm and explains the war that is waged against our children’s souls, but Author Anita Estes teaches, how through prayer, faith and worship, one can be victorious over the powers of evil that hold our children in bondage. This journal accompanied with the lessons learned is a powerful tool for any parent finding themselves in similar circumstances.

This practical book will lift your faith and encourage you in your fight for your child’s life. Throughout the entries, faith-filled prayers are included that are based on the scriptures to assist you in your battle. Understanding the spiritual realm, this mother shares how prayer and worship are some of your most powerful weapons to be waged in this war.

Addiction is rampant in our country, seizing our children and adults alike, dragging them into the darkest pit. In this book, God’s hand is not so short that He cannot pull anyone from the deepest pit of despair of addiction and set them free. A triumphant story of faith tested in the fire of affliction, this book is recommended for anyone with a family member struggling with the stranglehold of addiction.

This book will greatly increase your faith and helps others to stand firm in their faith. A genuine love of prayer will be ignited within your soul with this book, learn how to come close to God through prayer, petition and worship. This book is proof positive that God is a Mighty Deliverer and is still in the business of answering the prayers of the faithful. Truly He has the power to work all things out for good.

A highly recommend read and a wonderfully written book, witness the transformation of a mother who felt helpless to help her son, but turns to God and never lets go. Watch her faith grow and her son find freedom, redemption and deliverance. This true story will touch your heart and give you the faith to keep holding on. This book is truly a triumphant and wonderful testimony to the saving power of God and the power of prayer. Thank you Anita Estes for sharing your story and writing this book.

A Highly Recommended Read

Letters To God, on a Prodigal Son by Author Anita Estes

Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Get It On Kindle - Quiet Waters From God

(A Christian Book Marketing Press Release)
Thursday, August 4, 2011

Title: Quiet Waters From God
Author: Jieun Jung
ISBN # Kindle Edition B005BU98V6

Author Jieun Jung, a Christian graduate of Seoul National University, releases her first book Quiet Waters From God which is currently available on Kindle.

Jieun Jung has a heart for sharing the love of God, His wonderful grace, encouragement, hope, and simply to provide God’s waters to the thirsty of all peoples and nations.

In Isaiah 32:18, the scriptures state that my people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

There’s no doubt that this book will be like refreshing waters to the thirsty and especially in these times of uncertainties with the many unfortunate things that have been and are unfolding in our world. Like a dry desert or dry thirsty land, God can and does provide provision to all peoples that seek His face.

This is a highly recommended read.

You may find Jieun Jung’s e-book on Amazon and at other online bookstores. The author can be visited at her website, Quiet Waters From God and you can find her on Twitter at PrincessofGod21.

A Christian Book Marketing Press Release