A Must Read Book, Santa's Birthday Gift

From Award Winning Author Sherrill S. Cannon comes Santa's Birthday Gift ~ A Delightful Children's Story

Sherrill S. Cannon is the author of multiple books. Santa's Birthday Gift (2009) was written for ages 3-10 and received the 2011 National Indie Finalist Award and is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Peter and the Whimper-Wineys (2010) is designed to help parents cope with whining and complaining children. The book is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill's third book was released in February of 2011, The Magic Word. The book has received a NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for summer 2011, a Global eBook Award nomination, as well as being a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill grew up in the Willard Hotel in Washington DC (her Father was the manager), she was married and lived in Northern Virginia for twenty years where she and her husband raised four children. She later moved to the Philadelphia PA suburbs where she has lived for fourteen years.
To find out more about Author Sherrill S. Cannon, Santa's Birthday Gift, Whimper-Wineys and The Magic Word visit Sherrill S. Canon's website.