When I Fall Please Grab My Hand by Author Christine DeWitte

Title: When I Fall Please Grab My Hand
Author: Christine Z. DeWitte
ISBN # 9781466340527
Review Date: December 19, 2011
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
9.9 on a scale of 10.0

Be encouraged and uplifted with this inspirational book, "When I Fall Please Grab My Hand" a delightful, practical and sometimes humorous, collection of 89 daily devotionals gathered from author and women's Bible Study teacher, Christine Z. DeWitte's life lessons and her own personal spiritual growth with the Lord. These enriching writings elevate the reader and direct others to make the Lord a part of their daily life.

Divinely inspired and created with the feminine heart in mind, the chapters are quick and leave one to ponder their own realities in life. Each chapter is endowed by a theme and a scripture reference that applies the Word of God to life in a practical way. Intertwined with the messages she writes, the author shares her daily experiences. She even has left a little place at the end of each chapter for the reader to briefly describe what they may want to commit to the Lord each day.

The author is refreshingly honest about her own downfalls and points out to the reader that obtaining spiritual perfection is not the goal, but rather humble service in love towards each other and the Lord, is the reward to strive for. The reader will learn that our heavenly Father faithfully forgives us when we ask Him and like a Father, He will catch us if we fail in our own daily walk. Christine DeWitte's vibrant writings exhibit the great love that the Lord has for each one of us throughout this book. Upbeat and honest, this author shows her love and faithfulness to her Savior, fostering others' to grow in their own daily walk as the Word of God is applied to each situation.

This collection of daily devotionals is an ideal gift that shares the love of Christ, His precious Word and Kingdom principles that when applied can lead to living a victorious life. The author has the ability to touch the inner heart and attitudes. Her prayer is that this collection of scriptures and thoughtful writings gleaned from her own life will help you in wonderful way, "…even if it just brought a smile to your face," as the author humbly states.

A highly recommended, quick read that is practical, yet profound, encouraging others to daily apply the Word of God to their own life. The title says it all. Our Father in Heaven is there to grab our hand when we fall. How wonderful to know that He is faithfully watching over us every step of the way!

When I Fall Please Grab My Hand by Author Christine Z. DeWitte
Highly Recommended
9.9 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews