Tried In The Fire of Affliction - Author T.R. Lipscomb - Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me?

Title: Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me?
Author: T.R. Lipscomb
ISBN# 1-59755-128-7
Review Date: December 15, 2011
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Sometimes life has a way of turning inside out and upside down. What do we do when our world changes for the worse? What do we do when our family has been broken apart and it looks as though all the pieces may never fit together again? There is hope, as author T.R. Lipscomb shares in her new book release, "Dearest Children-Why Have You Abandoned Me?"

T.R. Lipscomb courageously and openly shares her mother's heart, as she writes of her journey through a heart-wrenching betrayal of an unfaithful husband, and her journey through her life, marriage and the loss of her dear children that threw her into a pit of despair for years. Transparently, she shares her heartache as a heartbroken, confused wife and mother, deeply affected by betrayal and loss, including the loss of her own health.

Despite intense persecution from those closest to her and the absolute injustice of our own "court system", the author has emerged through this fiery trial healed and whole, and wanting to help others through their trials. She boldly proclaims the Gospel and triumphantly states that healing is available to all through Jesus Christ.

Filled with scripture, letters to her "Dearest Children" and many life lessons learned from the Lord, the author testifies to the glorious transformation taking place within her as she candidly shares her own unique story. Tried in the "fire of affliction", this woman has come through the fire as "gold" and encourages others that they too can have hope!

Come, read, and find beauty for ashes, and hope instead of despair…be inspired by her testimony as the author proclaims the Truth and reality of God's Holy Word. Share in her life's lessons from her Father in Heaven and learn from her story. Learn that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you, knows your needs and wants to restore you, your family and your life. This book triumphantly rejoices in God, His grace and mercy that is a testimony to the healing, love and restoration that is available to all if you put your trust in Him.

A highly recommended read - Proclaiming hope for the hopeless and giving others the encouragement that they may need to get through their own "trial", the author stands and proclaims that the justice of the Lord is near! Truly an inspiring life story!

Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me? By Author T.R. Lipscomb

A Highly Recommended Must Read Book
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
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