Christian Author John J. Zelenski

For The Christian Fiction Book Lover

A CBM Christian Fiction Book Review - John J. Zelenski gives a frightening account of spiritual warfare, unveiling Satan’s desire to destroy those that are God’s and the Church in The Journal of Ezekiel Walker.  Although fiction, one feels like they are smack dab in the center of all the strange happenings that begin to take place in the life of Ezekiel Walker.  Set in 1945, just after WWII, Walker is returning to his hometown of Walker’s Vale after serving in the CPS (Civilian Public Service Unit).  Upon arrival, and throughout his stay he experiences heart-breaking events that lead him to be overcome in spirit and body.  Without the tender mercies of the Lord, Walker admits he would not have been able to retain his sanity. 

Intriguing and very well-written the author invites the readers into a fictional account that really tells the story of the unfailing love of Christ versus the very real spiritual realm that is true for everyone.  We need not despair.  God is our salvation.

Written with a flair that describes the event as though you are actually experiencing the encounter yourself, the author draws readers in with each scene, one leading to the next.  Action packed, you will come to know the character, Ezekiel Walker, as a very logical young man that has come to trust in God from a series of events that shattered his life.  The book deals with many issues of mankind: grief, forgiveness, loyalty and the never failing, omni-potent God, revealing that darkness truly lurks behind the unseen giving hope that the only deliverance, protection, peace, joy and salvation is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Highly recommended. Get your copy of The Journal of Ezekiel Walker at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.