What About The Rapture, The Mark of the Beast

Answers to life's most important questions. The book, The Prize Unfolding offers many answers to the current teachings of Christianity that may have left you with unanswered questions. 

~ Have you ever wanted to understand the scriptures, but have found yourself not really understanding?  ~ Have you ever wondered what the Father’s will is and purpose for your life? ~ Maybe, if perhaps you’ve taken the wrong course because there seems to be a lack of direction.  ~ And what about the rapture, the Anti-Christ, the Mark, the 144,000 and so on…If so, this book comes highly recommended to answer the above and many more questions pertaining to current teachings within the Christian worldview, speaking boldly the words of Father from His Holy Word. 

This book is truly an amazing adventure through the Scriptures, revealing that God’s purpose is much more glorious than you could have ever imagined. The author has compiled an incredible book that will offer wisdom, the truth of the Scriptures and understanding of God, His purpose and position, if you’re willing to listen to what the Father has to say.

Lay pastor Scott Testori has 3 books to date, his latest release answers many questions one might have along their Christian walk.  First and foremost, Testori focuses on the Father as the Godhead, who knows ALL things.  Understanding who the Father is will reveal his sovereignty and majesty throughout the ages past and all that is to come.  Revealing His (the Father’s Kingdom) brings understanding to the many premises taught throughout this amazing read.  This is a  must-read for all Christians!