A Glorious Future with God in His Kingdom

In the book, Beyond Heaven, the author builds a firm foundation from God's Word, presenting to readers a challenging and thought provoking read giving concise details on the aspects of eternal life.  

A very engaging and informative read, the author gives readers an inside look into his own life that led him to this firm stance regarding salvation and eternal life.  These eternal viewpoints and rewards are discussed in depth, giving understanding to believers and enabling one to live a victorious life here on Earth, while looking forward to the eternal destiny in the Kingdom of God. 

This glorious future with God in His Kingdom will ignite a passionate faith, birthing a stirring and awakening in the reader's spirit to look beyond their current circumstances, and propel them to find purpose and new meaning in life by looking ahead to their future in Christ.   Coming to you as a highly recommended read that will bless you in every way.

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