Jacquie Woodward releases Slam the Door on Cancer…And Lock It Out of Your Life

A new book release that reveals an interactive miracle that took place within the author's life after receiving the life threatening diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, she was just not finished yet, wanting to leave more of a legacy.  Within this, she was shocked not only by the diagnosis, but the very little encouragement offered to her by doctors. 

This is her amazing testimony and recovery, as she was told, "Sorry about your luck. We have nothing for you." And a physician friend said, "If you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor."    

The author proudly states, "Well, I did put cancer behind me; and doctors shake their heads and report, 'no evidence of recurrent or residual disease.' "  I share my story in the book to encourage others.  I share the enormous amount of research I did.  I share how a dormant Christian (me) learned to tune into God and realize the particular "connect the dots" interactive miracle He had for me."

As the author states, "There is no reason for the Body of Christ to succumb to cancer which is the Goliath of "dis-ease."  'Five smooth stones and intimacy with THE Living God,' is sufficient for us as for David-- when we realize the PRACTICAL power Jesus restored to us.  Find victory in His Word, His truth and find that you can, "Slam the Door on Cancer."  A true testimony to the healing power of Jesus Christ!

For more information about the author visit Slam The Door On Cancer and Real Health Hope for some great ministry, love, hope and encouragement. 

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