FaithWritter Wayne Cook

By: Wayne Cook

"What is a church?" asks the pastor.

"Do you need to attend church every Sunday?" questions the bored Christian (often the teenager sitting on the back row, wishing he was on his way home).

"Can you have a real church without walls?" pushes the theologian and seminarian.

"You can't have a true 
church online," emphatically states the pastor and skeptic. "After all, you can't observe the ordnances/sacraments. Nor can you have local ministries and missions if people just pick up the online sermons and don't become active members in a 'church.' After all, a person has to take part in church practices to serve Christ or be a member of a church."

"What's the big deal?" answers the people who are meeting online with Set Apart Church. "We finally have a way to enjoy the blessing of being part of the body of Christ, though we cannot attend in the traditional church building."

Too many people, many of them Christians, live in remote areas where there are no local assemblies, or they are traveling due to jobs or other reasons; some are sick or have to care for invalid relatives.

One only has to understand the Scriptures to know that objections don't hold water. The definition of a New Testament church has nothing to do with buildings or with denominational practices, even with sacraments and forms of worship.

The Greek word used for church is "ecclesia" (pronounced ekk-le-si'-a) which means "an assembly". In the actual practice of Set Apart Church, they are an assembly of people who are unable to assemble in a building, but are a gathering of people who are a literal church without walls. Jesus said, "Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." (
Matthew 18:20 NIV) People from all over the world gather at one website to hear an online sermon, read a monthly newsletter, read daily devotionals during the week, even share prayer requests with one another, just like a church gathering in a building. What a true definition of a church!

The goals and vision of the Set Apart Church are simple. You can find them on their "About Us" page: "
Set Apart Church is an Online Non-Denominational Church that was established to reach out to ALL who are unable to attend church in the traditional setting. Whether it's due to a mental or physical aliment, your work keeps you out on the road, or there are no churches in your area. We are a 'Church Without Walls.' No matter what the reasons are, the Lord can touch you right where you are at. We are a Church Online with weekly relevant online sermons. We are a 'Church without Walls,' ministering the Word through Set Apart Church. Online."

It is a wonderful ministry to those who are wanting to have the blessing of an online church that they can connect with 24/7 and receive God's Word in an easy to understand, practical way. Pastor David Chumbley has a soothing delivery with a personal touch, but is true to the Word.

If you know someone who cannot attend services in a building or for some reason doesn't feel at home in a traditional setting, have them connect with Set Apart Church and receive the blessing of being a part of a church without walls.

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