Spiritual Warfare

“Be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves,” Dr. Sheila Carpenter reveals how to overcome every temptation, accusation and deception that Satan and his minions can throw at you.

Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Sheila Carpenter is an exciting, fast-paced thriller based on Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Taking an inside look at how Satan uses his weaponry upon the human race, including Christians, the author offers biblical truths while unveiling the wiles of the devil and his schemes.

Set in a small church in Ohio, Pastor Juan Cortez and his congregation, along with three other Ohio families, are in for the fight of their lives.  With plans of sending his minions and Greed, Satan skillfully plans his strategy among the congregation to destroy them.  The imps, lower-ranking, but just as devilish demons have strict orders to kill and destroy whoever gets in the way.  Angels are sent by God to deliver the congregation, but the angels must use the whole of armor of God to help protect the people of God.  In a heroic battle between good and evil, the author has written a novel that is engaging, revealing the reality of the spiritual world.

As a PhD and one educated in spiritual warfare, Dr. Sheila Carpenter is an American novelist seeking to instruct and challenge Christians, believers and non-believers of the reality of the spiritual realm.  Her goal is to entertain and give understanding to all in her thrilling novel that encompasses very true to life scenarios and reveals that they all have a spiritual root.  As you will see in her novel, God has given us all we need to be victorious over these spiritual forces.  Learn the essence of spiritual warfare and learn how to overcome in her new release, Spiritual Warfare.

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