Christian Book News - Harvest Unlimited, Your Blueprint to Fulfilling One Permanent Soul Transaction by Reverend Simon Makwarela

CBM Christian Author Press Release
Reverend Simon Makwarela 

“A strategic masterpiece in equipping willing community members in becoming sharpened tools, which will be effective in addressing lost souls for the better complection of all inhabitable societies.” – Reverend Simon Makwarela

South Africa - January 3, 2014 - Harvest Unlimited, Your Blueprint to Fulfilling One Permanent Soul Transaction by Reverend Simon Makwarela reveals the mind of God and the commandment of Jesus Christ in a heart-catching way.  The Harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, scriptures proclaim, yet, it is time to understand God’s heartbeat – seeking that which is lost.  Makwarela in his fascinating and cutting edge release reminds the Church of the high calling to seek and save the lost, winning souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.  As a reverend, author, revivalist, conference and seminar speaker, Makwarela is leading the way in calling leaders, pastors and the believers to understand and remain true to the Gospel of Christ, focusing leaders to the Kingdom’s primary calling and main mission.  His purpose is a many faceted ministry, being used of God as a compass, directing leaders, pastors, mentors and teachers back to the Father’s heart and to saving souls.  One will discover in this engaging read:

  • Clear steps to achieving fruitfulness
  • Biblical wisdom on winning souls
  • Clear instructions on applying key persistence and shamelessness in God’s Word
  • Hints on how to break out of comfort zones to reach the lost
  • Teaching on signs and wonders as evidence of the Kingdom of God
  • An authoritative presentation of the urgent call to evangelize the world
With power and authority, Makwarela reminds, encourages and challenges the Church of today to win souls for the Harvest.  He has written a blueprint to understanding purpose in life, revealing identity and the process of winning souls, bringing to the forefront the commandment to the Church by Christ to, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  

Further resonating this call and commandment by the Lord, author Simon Makwarela states, “This book is an in-depth study guide to understanding soul winning, the mission of evangelism, and church growth.”  In addition this book is a must-read facilitating solutions to societies riddled with abuse, drug addiction and high crime, therefore promoting stability, recovery, restoration and hope through the Gospel.  Makwarela has written a uniquely strategic book, unveiling the soul of man and inviting all community leaders to understand their commission and effectiveness in activating the Kingdom of God in the Harvest.