CBM Book Review - A Nation Under Judgment by Richard Capriola

Title: A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God
By: Richard Capriola
CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 out 10.0 stars

Author Richard Capriola delivers a “Wake Up Call” to America in his new release, A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God.  – CBM Book Reviews

Founded on the righteous Word of God, Christian author and retired hospital Chaplin, Richard Capriola, heralds a staunch warning against the national policies that govern America, intertwining the complacency and attitudes of individual and national sins that this nation is engaged in.  Calling out for a nation that returns to the living God and His Wisdom, Capriola speaks of a once great nation that has fallen from grace. 

America was founded on the fundamentals of Christianity, derived from God’s Holy Word by our forefathers.  Recently, and more so in past decades, we have become a nation that procreates and tolerates lust, greed and all manner of unrighteousness at all levels – politically and socially - to include the neglect of the poor, the hungry and needy, legal abortion, the decline of marriage.  America has become a society that has an unquenched love for money and self, not to mention a decaying moral attitude with divorce, the neglect and abuse of children and the porn industry all on the rise.

To all degrees, Richard Capriola, points out that God’s Word and point of view indicate that there should be a shift in America’s national and social polices that branch and begin from the heart of God’s Word.  He encourages our politicians, including individuals to create and align their polices under the mighty decree of God, lest we (America) become a “nation under judgment (Deuteronomy 8:20). 

There is mercy, hope and light to found in living a righteous life, under obedience to the wisdom of God.  He calls out for our nation and Americans to turn, walk in Isaiah 58 and start feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, taking care of the elderly and the sick; our country rages out of control, not taking into account God’s point of view and lacks wisdom – this is a book for those that desire justice and righteousness to return to America and it’s government.  A fascinating, awe-dropping overview of the decline of America’s society that offers an answer – the only answer – turning back to God Almighty and His ways!

“Ultimately, we must decide if we will be a nation of wisdom – one that enacts laws and policies aligned with God’s point of view – or a nation that strays from His (God’s) point of view and becomes a nation under judgment.” Richard Capriola. 

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