Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo - Book Review

Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo
ISBN# 978-1449782924
Review Date: February 4, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.8 out of 10.0 stars

Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo reveals a series of biblical dreams the narrator, known as the “thinker” has in this creative evangelistic novel.  The “thinker” is a college philosophy professor that has a series of dreams resulting in his conversion from Atheism to Christianity.  Fascinating and entertaining, the author begins by explaining his background, coming from an Atheist father who dispelled Christianity as one of the most evil religions.  Deciding to find the truth for himself, the “thinker” began exploring the Bible in search of truth.  What he found was that he had been lied to over and over again and that the Bible was in fact truth. 

Thus, he takes the readers on an exciting adventure from Genesis to Revelation.  His dreams reveal many things such as: the Creation, Garden of Eden, the corruption of mankind on Earth, the flood, the tower of Babel, the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Cross and redemption, John of Patmos, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the vision of the consummation of mankind and the triune God.  Meanwhile, the “thinker” gives timelines, explanations and resources for readers to understand and research. 

Creative and unique, the author (William Waldo) and narrator of the book “the thinker” have created a unique avenue to evangelize those who question the existence of God with a novel that is biblical in it’s storytelling, revealing the truth of the Word of God in an amazingly creative and entertaining way – keeping in mind this is a fiction novel. 

The “thinker” asks the poignant question of - When Christ returns for His Church, will you be left behind to endure the tribulation and at the end of the Tribulation will Christ find faith on Earth?  Revelation and an account of biblical End-Time prophecies reveal the truth of the consequences of not believing in Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Inspiring, touching and thoughtfully penned, this author writes his experiences to share and evangelize the truth and reality of biblical truths that will impact lives now and for Eternity.  A highly recommended read for those skeptics that question if there really is a God of the universe. 

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