Who is the Antichrist? The False Prophet - What is the Mark of the Beast and the image of the Beast?

Winner Global Ebook Award Religious/Faith Fiction! SCARS is currently #1 in Biblical fiction on Amazon!

SCARS by end time novelist, Patience Prence is an Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel.  SCARS reveals many possible answers to questions such as, "Who is the Antichrist?  The False Prophet?  The name that equates to 666 in both Greek and Hebrew?" and "What is the Mark of the Beast and the image of the Beast?"

The revelation comes to life in this real life drama that is mesmerizing and an apocalyptic thriller weaving End Times prophecy throughout.

A heart-wrenching story of a young girl set during the Tribulation,  
SCARS chronicles the beginning of the End of the World, as earth-shattering events lead up to the Apocalypse as foretold in the Bible.

~ Although Patience is legally blind, suffering from Usher Syndrome, a disease that causes hearing loss and blindness (Retinitis Pigmentosa), her passion is to write novels that draw readers into the reality of the Bible and End Time prophecy.
~ As a sixteen-year-old, living in Southern California, Rebekah Silver is your average teenager.  She worries only about learning her cheerleading routines and passing her math test.  But as world dictators rise to power and devastating disasters claim millions of lives she is inspired to search for answers.  Becky soon discovers her world is quickly coming to an end, just as it was prophesied.  Now she must decide whether to risk her life to follow the laws of God or surrender her soul to the law of man in this action-packed thriller. ~ Will Becky Survive?

Hundreds of rave reviews, here's just a few:

~ "…This book will entertain and inspire both hardcore end time believers and the curious who wonder how it would realistically take place during modern times. 
It is spiritual food for the hungry and inspirational to anyone who takes the time to read it!" –Judge Global Ebook Award.
Riveting from the very first page! I could not put it down until I was finished. - Music Mama
I loved this book. This book in one that has been written for such a time as this. – Mary
Every Christian should read Scars! A powerful view of what this world is quickly coming to. - Kat Embry
~ Scars will challenge your own faith and cause you to think.- LaTawnia Kintz,
~ Wow. Incredible, potentially life changing. - Bluebird.
~ The best end-times book I have ever read, it is very plausible, ericathy222, "Powerful. - SRMeyers,
~ Over-the edge-writing.  -Tammy's Book Parlor.
As a young child, Patience Prence, was fascinated by the book of Revelation.  She has studied Revelation and end-time prophecies for many years. Patience takes in her novel, her desire to share her faith and draw readers into a better understanding of end time events and the reliability of Scripture as Truth.

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