Christian Book Reviews, Author's In The News - Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God

Title: Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God
By: Susie S. Mozell-Smith
Review Date: January 9, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.8 out of 10.0 stars

Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God by Susie S. Mozell-Smith was written to reveal Scripture.  The purpose of the book is to offer truth in God as the Creator of the Universe and sheds light on Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Much scripture is used throughout the book to instruct the reader on the reality of the spiritual realm, helping them understand the fight between good and evil, thus unveiling who Lucifer is and his plan to destroy the world.   Delving into the scientific side of the existence of this planet, the author also gives scripture that contradict The Big Bang Theory while presenting many foundational biblical principles – all revealing who God is and how to be one who is found to righteous through the blood of Jesus. 

This is an interesting read that relies heavily on the use of scripture to reveal the truth of the earthly and spiritual realm to those that would believe there is no God.  Undeniably, the author has given a statement of faith and reiterates these beliefs and findings throughout the Word of God that point to Jesus as the only Savior of this world.  Her teachings are profound, as they are based on not her opinion, but the Holy Word.

Inspiring and encouraging, one will find many answers in this read as the author writes on different aspects of life such as: Tithes and offerings, Baptism, Holy Communion, the Sabbath Day, Marriage, Divorce, Scriptures regarding children, Scriptures on the once saved, always saved theory and much, much more.  She highlights that’ Jesus return is eminent and soon, exhorting others to live a godly life that is pleasing in the sight of God.  A highly recommended read for those desiring more of the Word.

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