Christian Books - Reign: We See Him As He Is by David Keyser

Reign: We See Him As He Is - David Keyser, PhD has created a fascinating, action-packed adventure series shedding light on the Second Coming of Christ and the 1000-year reign. A thrill ride of a novel, the author has written biblical future history and prophecy when the The Lion of the tribe of Judah has returned to receive His inheritance given to Him by the Father of Lights.
A King from another kingdom has returned to claim Earth as His own; the long wait is over. The King has returned for His inheritance. All eyes will see His return; all knees shall bow at the name of the Lord, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He shall set His rule upon the Earth and rule with an iron scepter. His legions of angels are with Him, riding on the clouds of glory as he sets His feet on the Earth. Jerusalem is now His new Kingdom where angels and His Keepers will reign over the new earth and new heaven in the Millennial 1000-year reign to come.

Dr. Keyser has created this new series, opening eyes and hearts to the reality of the Kingdom of God in: Reign: We See Him As He IsReign II: A Story Of The Seventh Millennium continues the adventure. Reign: The Millennium combines I and II in one volume.

As an international theology teacher and college adjunct faculty, he has earned many degrees that include a B.S., an M. Div, an M.S., a Th.M., and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology. His interests encompass what this world is coming to, spiritual experiences, life before birth, considering God, organic Christianity, and Christian fiction.

Don't miss this new series beginning with Reign: We See Him As He Is - giving hope to a lost world, igniting passion for the return of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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